6 Ways to Use Natural Stone in Your Garden

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At Kerr & Kerr, we love the look of natural stone. It’s classic, timeless, elegant and great for a number of landscaping projects. Natural stone can be used to create a rustic look, or you can use smoother stone for a more modern appearance. Here are some of our favourite landscaping projects for incorporating natural stone into your garden!

Water features & ponds

Natural stone can be used as a border for a pond, or stacked on top of each other to create a waterfall. You can also make a fountain using natural stone as a focal point for your garden!

Seating areas/patios

Natural stone is a great way to section off areas of your garden to create seating areas. You can create a patio with natural stone, or lay a little section of natural stone in a corner of your garden to create a secluded seating area.

Flower beds

Like with ponds, natural stone is a great way to create a border around a flower bed. You can also use natural stone to create a raised bed for variety and easier gardening.


Nothing says ‘cozy outdoor living space’ like a fireplace! Build a fireplace using natural stone and turn your garden into a space you can use more than just in the summer!

Steps & Pathways

Whether you need steps from your door down into your garden, or want to incorporate a path through your garden for a ‘Secret Garden’ feel, natural stone is perfect for any step or pathway project.


Natural stone is a great alternative to concrete for retaining walls or feature walls!

If you want to use natural stone for your next landscaping project, we’d love to help!

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