Outdoor Kitchen Must-Haves

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As Canadians, we know the importance of maximizing our time outdoors during the warm months. A well-designed backyard gives families a place to gather and entertain guests, but what about the cook? No one should have to be stuck inside a hot, stuffy kitchen while everyone else is out enjoying the beautiful weather. This is what makes an outdoor kitchen a great addition to backyards of any size!
Before you start building your dream outdoor kitchen, take a minute to consider these 5 outdoor kitchen must haves:

Plumbing and Electricity


This a big one! Without plumbing and electricity, your experience preparing a meal outdoors can quickly begin to feel more like camping than a fun cooking experience. Without plumbing or electricity, you’re limited to using the kitchen during daylight hours and will spend much of your time running back and forth to the indoor kitchen for access to water. Having electricity in your outdoor kitchen also allows you to use necessary kitchen appliances, such as a fridge.


Having a small fridge outdoors will help you maximize the use you get out of your outdoor kitchen. In addition to increasing your flexibility in preparing and storing food, it gives you access to chilled drinks on demand!

Built-in Gas Grill

One of the best parts of an outdoor kitchen is being able to BBQ your favourite meal right in the kitchen! Investing in a high quality gas grill can make all the difference when it comes to summer cooking. With the number of grills on the market today, you won’t have any trouble finding the right size grill for the area. However, we suggest choosing one before the kitchen is installed to guarantee a correct fit.

Ample counter space

The more counter space, the easier it will be to prepare the food before you cook it! It also gives you more space to serve food and for guests to place dishes while mingling.
Dining Area

How you set up your dining area depends on both your home and entertainment style. You might want to have a large dining table for big meals with many guests, or a simple bar with stools for small, informal meals, or maybe something in between. Just don’t forget to match your dining area to the style of your home!

Now that you know that top 5 outdoor kitchen must-haves, the fun part begins – designing your dream kitchen! If you’re interested in adding an outdoor kitchen to your home, give us a call. Our team has proven experience installing top of the line outdoor in kitchens in homes in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, and beyond.

photo credit: 10b Louise Cohen Henny Van Belkom via photopin (license)

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