Top 3 Benefits of Mulching

 In Landscaping

Are you looking to grow a lush, healthy, and happy garden this spring and summer? Consider taking an all-natural approach by using mulch! Mulch plays a significant role in promoting the growth of healthier plants and the ability to fight off pests and other problems.

In this blog, we have outlined the top three benefits of using mulch in your gardens.

1. Nutrients

Mulch comes in different varieties, but it usually consists of various decomposing organic and non-organic materials. Some of these materials include chopped leaves, straw, grass clippings, compost, wood chips, and bark shreds. Combining these ingredients provides your garden with more nutrients, which helps to strengthen plants and encourage the best overall health. Mulch, as it decays, will also help to improve the PH level of your garden’s soil.

2. Weed and Moisture Control

Mulch will behave like a barrier that will stop weeds in their tracks. This happens by stunting their growth, minimizing their impact on your garden, and limiting how much sunlight they can get.

Mulch also helps the soil absorb more water, reduces the effects of evaporation, and assists with retaining moisture in your garden. By mulching your garden, you limit the sun’s direct access to the soil, allowing the soil to hold onto moisture longer.

3. Protection from Erosion

Mulch has many layers of different organic materials which helps to also protect against soil erosion. By breaking the fall of rainwater and acting as a barrier, it keeps your garden protected from soil-related erosion issues, and it is also less threatened when it pours.

Having a mulch-enhanced garden provides you with many benefits – and on top of that, it looks great! Call Kerr and Kerr today to ask about our mulch and how we can install it in your gardens for you. Or, if you wish to do it yourself, we can deliver it to you in time for a weekend of gardening!

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