How To Add Curb Appeal To Your Driveway

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When it comes to your front yard, your driveway has a huge part to play in adding, or taking away, curb appeal. Most homeowners have traditional black asphalt driveways, which aren’t always the best choices for adding visual appeal.

Your driveway is one of the biggest features in your front yard and, by adding a few key landscaping elements, it can really magnify the beauty of your home.

Soften Your Driveway with Shrubbery

One of the best ways to add curb appeal to your driveway is to soften those harsh edges of the asphalt with shrubbery. Low-lying shrubs help to lead the eye up the driveway to your front door, and soften the harshness of your asphalt driveway. You can also add some visual appeal by planting small trees on either side of your door.

Add a Border

Adding a border to your driveway can really make the black colour of the driveway pop. Consider installing an interlocking brick border on each side of your driveway in a contrasting colour. If you don’t like the appearance of brick, you may want to consider a border made of stone or gravel, which can help soften the transition from grass or flower beds to your driveway.

Plant a Live Border & Add Height

If you prefer the look of greenery to hardscape elements, you can also create a border with plants. Many annuals and perennials make beautiful live borders, and depending on the plants you choose, they can also add visual interest with height. Purple sage and tall grasses can add height, while low-lying plants like creeping thyme can fill in the gaps and require little maintenance.

Add Lighting

Perhaps you’ve considered your options for adding curb appeal to your driveway during the day, but have you considered how it will look at night? Adding strategically placed lighting throughout your driveway and pathways can help add curb appeal, and help lead visitors to your front door. We love to add lighting to natural stone with grasses behind the light to really add some visual beauty.

At Kerr & Kerr Landscaping, we can help bring your front yard to life. Contact us today to get started on beautifying your driveway!

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