Mulch & Soil Delivery

Get convenient mulch and soil delivery from Kerr & Kerr Landscaping! We offer mulch and soil delivery across the Cambridge, Ayr, Paris and Brantford areas.

Whether you need mulch and soil for your garden beds or aggregates for your landscaping needs, our mulch and soil delivery ensures quality products are delivered right to your driveway. If you place your order in the morning, we’ll even deliver your product by the afternoon on the same day!

Mulch & Soil Delivery in Cambridge, Ayr, Paris and Brantford

Stop struggling with the heavy-lifting of picking up your own bags of soil and mulch. If you’re looking for reliable mulch and soil delivery of a quarter yard or more, we can deliver. Our products include:

  • Topsoils: regular screened, 50/50  mix, garden mix
  • Mulch: chip, pine, hemlock, Economulch
  • Aggregates: granular, gravels, sands
  • Fire Wood: hard wood


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