Book a Landscape Consultation

If you’re looking to get some landscaping done, Kerr & Kerr will give you a professional consultation and guide you through the steps required to create the landscaping project of your dreams!

  1. Before our first meeting – we ask that you draw up a detailed wish list for your project and identify your priorities, your desired timeline and completion date, and how much you would like to spend.
  2. Initial Consultation – Kerr & Kerr will meet with you to discuss your current landscaping and the improvements you’d like to have done. At the end of the consultation, our team will review your landscaping goals and determine the initial investment required for the design work.
  3. Design Work – At this point we will require an initial investment for the design work. Kerr & Kerr will create a design plan based on our first meeting, choose materials and create a proposal to give you an idea of the full cost of your project.
  4. Investment Presentation – We’ll meet with you again to review the design and investment plans, then proceed with putting together a construction timeline. Agreements will need to be reviewed and signed, and we will require another deposit to go forward with the project.
  5. Pre-Project Communication – We’ll work with you to establish a date to start your project, and figure out delivery dates and times, equipment and materials that will be needed.
  6. Project Communication – The second-to-last step is to work out a communication schedule during the project that works for you so that you’re informed every step of the way. We will also work with you to figure out any changes or obstacles that may arise throughout the process.
  7. Post Project Completion – Kerr & Kerr will review the finished project with you, and you’ll be required to submit the remainder of your payment. We appreciate referrals!
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