Bin Rental

Say goodbye to trips to the landfill with bin rentals from Kerr & Kerr Landscaping in Cambridge, Ayr, Paris and Brantford.

Bin rentals make all of your backyard and home renovation projects easier! Whether you’re a DIY lover, weekend warrior or avid gardener, our bins are great for disposing of yard waste and scrap materials. Anything that can be disposed of at your local landfill can go in our bins!

Bin Rentals in Cambridge, Ayr, Paris and Brantford

We offer a range of size options for your convenience, from 14 to 16 feet, holding 11 to 14 yards of waste. These metal roll-off bins will fit in most standard driveways, so you don’t have to go far to dispose of your unwanted materials.

We’ll do all of the heavy-lifting for you, with convenient drop-off and pick-up windows that work for your schedule. Just fill your bin and let us do the rest.


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