Low-Maintenance Landscaping Tips

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For many homeowners, the thought of a beautifully-landscaped garden means hours spent maintaining, watering and general upkeep to keep the back and front yards looking their best. However, with a few easy tips, you can have a gorgeous landscape that doesn’t require much maintenance!

1. Choose ground covers instead of grass

Grass requires lots of maintenance if you want to keep it looking lush and green all summer long. Long, hot summers often mean water usage restrictions that result in your grass looking parched and brown. Choosing ground covers like creeping thyme, ground phlox, angelina stonecrop and sweet woodruff are great options. Some of these ground covers also work in tricky areas, like under large trees or in areas of your garden that don’t get enough sun.

2. Plant drought-tolerant species

Watering your garden can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of having a landscaped yard, but it doesn’t have to be. Opt for species of plants that thrive with low amounts of water so you won’t have to spend hours watering every evening. Ornamental grasses, lavender, echinacea (cone flower), as well as juniper bushes and honey-locust trees are beautiful plants that thrive in full sun and won’t require constant watering.

3. Incorporate hardscape elements

While flowers, shrubs and trees are an essential part of your landscaping, hardscape elements like patio stones, walkways and mulches are essential when planning a low-maintenance landscape. Designs and materials that let water through to the soil beneath, such as paving stones surrounded by gravel or pebble stones, will help keep your landscape low-maintenance by irrigating nearby plants, minimizing soil erosion and preventing runoff.

4. Prevent weeding with mulch and dense planting

Mulches aren’t just ideal for preventing soil erosion and keeping your soil moist, they can also aid in preventing weeds. Instead of spending all summer battling pesky weeds that always seem to come back, try covering your beds with a layer of high-quality organic mulch. Planting flowers and shrubs close together can also help to prevent weeds, as it will provide them with less space to take hold in your garden beds.

At Kerr & Kerr Landscaping, we understand that you may not have time to keep your landscaping looking its best. Our Estate Property Maintenance services include full-service maintenance for your grounds and gardens. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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    Garden maintenance is important as it keeps your garden looking fresh and vibrant throughout the period. Maintenance should include lawn mowing, trimming and pruning of all your hedges, bushes and trees.

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