Wildlife Gardening Tips

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Wildlife gardens and pollinator-friendly gardens play an important role in supporting our ecosystems. With these easy wildlife gardening tips, you’ll be able to turn your outdoor space into a sanctuary for bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, birds and more.

1. Plant in layers

In the natural world of forests and rainforests, there are layers that help to support different aspects of the ecosystem. Mimicking these layers in your own garden will achieve a similar effect. Start with an underlayer of semi-evergreen or evergreen plants, like native grasses, to stabilize the soil, and then plant taller plants that bloom in the summer can rise above the grasses.

2. Use native plants

There are so many reasons to use native plants in your landscaping; not only do they require less maintenance throughout the year, but they’re also the most attractive to native animals. Native plants will also help to keep the soil moist and nutrient-rich, resulting in healthy insect populations which in turn support the animal populations that feed on them.

3. Install a water feature

Water is essential for all life, and having a water feature in your landscaping can help support animal populations by giving them a place to drink, as well as a place to live. You’ll be providing frogs, toads and aquatic insects with a habitat if you install a pond, but even a water feature like a small waterfall can help support animals in the area.

4. Plant diverse species

Planting diverse species of plants is an easy way to create a beautiful garden, but it also helps to provide animals with a range of diverse habitats. Combine ground cover plants with shrubs, trees, perennial flowers and annuals to offer birds, amphibians, insects and small mammals places to feed, nest and take shelter from predators.

5. Compost

Composting creates rich soil that helps your garden retain moisture, prevent erosion, provide plants with nutrients and promote wildlife. Recycle the organic waste from your garden and kitchen into a composting pile and, when the compost has turned to soil, you’ll be able to provide a healthy base for insects, birds, plants and animals to thrive.

Whether you want to turn your backyard into a wildlife garden, an outdoor living space or both, contact Kerr & Kerr Landscaping for help with turning your vision into a reality.

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