You’ve braved the Winter, now get ready for Spring!

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If you’re strong enough to have braved this Winter season, you’ll have no problem with your yard’s Spring clean-up! This Spring, there are 4 things to keep in mind as you begin your spring cleaning:

  1. Excess Brush – As a result of the ice storm in December, there will be excessive brush to clean-up in your yard. Cleaning up these scattered branches are a necessary first step before beginning your spring lawn maintenance. If the damage to your trees was extensive, the sooner your book a landscaper to clean up, the sooner you can continue with your Spring cleaning and enjoy your yard again.
  2.  Snow Mold – The long snowy season brings with it the risk of snow mold. Snow mold can occur when the sun beats down on your snowy yard. The snow acts like an insulator, melting from the ground up and leaving a layer of moisture between the grass and the snow. This layer will continue to freeze and thaw as the temperature changes. Since this layer will not get fresh air throughout the duration of Winter, the grass will begin to grow mold. When the snow melts, your grass will be matted down, but don’t worry its not dead! Just give it a good ranking to bring it back to good health.
  3. Don’t rush Spring – As the Winter continues to drag on, it will likely be late start to Spring, which can impact your landscaping. If you had any landscaping work done at the end of the fall, don’t rush the Spring season. Give your plants some time to leaf out; don’t start pruning right away as it may cause more harm than good. With Spring comes rain, which your plants and lawn will benefit from greatly. Due to the excess moisture during the Spring season, hold back fertilizing your plants and lawn until June, as they will stay green on their own. Best practice dictates that you wait until your lawn and plants start looking like they need fertilizer.
  4. Spring is the time to book your landscaping – Spring is the best time to schedule any early summer landscaping projects before things become booked and to ensure that projects get completed in a timely manner so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces.

Kerr and Kerr is happy to help with any and all landscaping projects that may arise. This Spring, plan your landscaping ahead of time so you can make the most of your yard during the warm months!

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