Snowy weather is just around the corner. Does your business have a plan to deal with it?

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As Canadians, we know that snow is an inevitable part of winter. To avoid getting stuck in a snowy situation, it’s important that businesses have a snow and ice removal plan before the first real snowfall. Having a snow removal plan organized before the snow hits means that even during the season’s biggest snowstorm you will be able to continue with business as usual.

What is involved in a snow and ice removal plan?

In this plan, you would outline who is responsible for removing the snow and ice at your business, as well as how long after the snowfall it will be completed. This plan could be implemented internally, with employees coming in during their off-hours to remove the snow, or you can hire a dedicated company who deals with snow and ice removal.

At Kerr & Kerr, we have a dedicated snow and ice removal team who is here to help. On our team we have a Certified Snow Professional, recognized by the Snow & Ice Management Association. To uphold this title, our team member undergoes annual continuing education to maintain good standing. This helps us to ensure that we’re providing our clients with the best possible service.

To make sure that we’re there as soon as the snow falls, all of our snow removal vehicles have GPS tracking. This increases our efficiency by letting us find the best possible route to arrive at your location within 6 or 8 hours of snowfall.

Our team loves snow, but the best part of the winter season for us is knowing that the municipalities, institutions, and commercial and industrial businesses we help are able to continue doing what they do best, even in the snowiest of days.

Don’t wait until it snows. Contact us today for more information on our snow and ice removal services, including packages and pricing.


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