Landscaping Tips for Adding Curb Appeal to Your Guelph, Cambridge or Kitchener-Waterloo Home

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For many Guelph, Cambridge and Kitchener-Waterloo homeowners, curb appeal is an important part of keeping their home looking great. But it’s also an easy way of increasing your home’s value!

1) Take your house into consideration

Your home is the biggest object on your lawn, so make sure you are designing the rest of the space around it. Consider the size and shape of your house and how that will work with the rest of the landscaping.

2) Use different shapes and sizes of landscaping elements

If your house is large, you’ll want to complement it with large plants and landscaping features. Small, dainty flowers will be lost from the street, so choose shrubs and bushes or groupings of plants. Landscape with them to reflect the shape and lines of the house and walkways.

3) Emphasize your entrance

The main goal of landscaping in the front of your house is to bring attention to your front door or entrance, as well as the movement from the street to the entryway of your home. Make sure the pathway to the door is clearly laid out, and be careful when planning bends or curves in a walkway so you don’t break up the path.

4) Consider colour choices

Use your home as the basis for your colour choices in the landscaping design. Choose plants according to the main and accent colours of your home. If your house is blue, it will be better complemented by purples, pinks, yellows and whites. If your door is red, it will pop when it’s paired with orange, bright yellow and red.

5) Low maintenance

One of the keys for curb appeal is appealing to other potential homebuyers. Even if you’re not considering selling your home any time soon, think about whether other homeowners would want the same level of upkeep as you do. Try to keep it simple and clean, with shrubs and flowers that don’t require constant pruning and trimming.

6) Consider all seasons

Landscaping that is designed around summer foliage and flowers won’t translate during the colder seasons. To keep your home looking inviting all year round, try to include evergreens, spring-flowering plants and colourful foliage that lasts beyond the summer months.

Another great way of adding curb appeal is to incorporate natural stone into your landscape design! Find out how from Kerr & Kerr Landscaping in Guelph, Cambridge and Kitchener-Waterloo.


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