Importance of Fall Topdressing & Overseeding

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Topdressing and overseeding of turf in the Fall is extremely important, particularly between September until the end of October.

During this period is ideal growing conditions because of the cool nights, increased rain, and quicker germination
This also provides a jump start on spring clean up because there is less chance of weeds getting a root.

Here are a few tips to topdressing and overseeding your turf:

  • Apply 1/4 to 1/2 inch of Sandy Loam Soil spread over lawn with starter fertilization
  • Apply 5-7 pounds of good quality grass seed
  • Make sure this is raked in and rolled
  • Water lightly

Remember – this is not like sod – which means it will need to be completed on average 1 time per year for 2-3years to have a good thick weed free lawn.

All areas should be core areated to allow oxygen into existing root system.

If you have more questions on topdressing, overseeding, or lawcare in general, give us a call.

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