Fall Landscaping Maintenance Tips

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With summer officially over, many homeowners assume that their work outdoors and in the garden is finished. But keeping your landscaping and garden looking great all year-round requires a bit of effort every season. Here’s what you should be doing in the fall:

• Apply a winter fertilizer to your lawn to prepare it for the dormant winter season

• Continue mowing your lawn as late as you can; this helps to feed the worms under the grass, who in turn keep your grass fed and healthy

• Turn piles of leaves into compost for use next year

• Put a plastic sheet or a layer of sticks under your compost pile to allow for aeration

• Prepare potted plants for bringing indoors once the frost starts • Clean garden tools thoroughly before storing for the winter

• Clean your lawn mower and make sure you empty any gas or fuel from it before storing it for the season

• Organize your garage to make the beginning of next year’s gardening season easier

• Remove any plants that were diseased over the season and discard of them – don’t compost them to prevent spreading diseases

• Cut back your perennials after they’ve been killed by frost

• Prune dead or diseased branches from trees and shrubs; prune any branches from trees that are split or broken, as these are more likely to become diseased next year

• Apply mulch to your garden to help insulate plants in the colder months

• Plant trees and shrubs before mid-October to give them time to establish roots

• Plant spring-flowering bulbs

• Drain any permanent water features or systems like irrigation systems, pools and ponds

• Put away outdoor furniture and any decorations that could be damaged by the cold

At Kerr & Kerr Landscaping in Cambridge, we are proud to offer landscaping and property maintenance services year-round. Find out how we can help keep your property and landscaping looking great!


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